Donate to Support Standing Rock


Thanks for your interest in helping the Water Protectors. Donate $11 and I’ll give you access to my Serpent in the Spine meditation.   NOTE: All proceeds will be sent to Standing Rock! – Le’ema –> Click “CONTINUE READING” below to make your donation–> I made this video as a prayer for Standing Rock.   Below is…

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Goddess Merkaba Activation


This magical ritual was born quickly out of the inspiration of the asteroid star goddesses in astrology aligning to form a Merkaba in the sky. To me it signifies the birthing of the Divine Feminine on the Planet. My long time Canadian friend and temple sister  Tara Greene, an amazing astrologer, had posted a beautiful…

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Walking Dad to the Doorway

As I ease into this day, with its gentle breezes whispering secrets in the rustling leaves of bright green trees, my heart harmonizes with my mind and I realize it’s time. It is time to write about my father, the man who gave me life. As a Snake Priestess, I have been guided by the…

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Slither Out of The OLD and Into The NEW

January 22 ~ Today is the last Water Snake day in this nearly complete cycle of the Year of the Black Female Water Snake. I’m sure many of you are feeling the sluggishness of these times, so get ready for that final release of the tail of the Serpent in your lives! Only 10 days left…

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The Making of Thirteen Moon Dances for 2012

It  damn near killed me but it kept me alive! 2012 was a year that had many of us on our toes. So many dire predictions of the end of time and the end of the world as we know it. It was the Year of the Black Water Dragon! A year of great magic…

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